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Captain Malcolm Reynolds
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Just your average, everyday Browncoat


This is an RP journal for Malcolm Reynolds, currently in play at hearts_andminds



Mal is taken from canon after the events of the movie Serenity. He's a war veteran who fought for the Independents, or Browncoats, during the Unification War. Currently, he's a trader/smuggler flying in a Firefly class vessel named Serenity.

Malcolm Reynolds is six feet tall with brown hair cut in short, neat, but often tousled styles and dark blue eyes. He has a solid, but not overly sculpted build and favors clothing suiting both his period and his trade: work boots, work trousers, loose long-sleeve shirts and a brown coat that is reminiscent of his Independent days. He also bears many scars earned during the war.

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Player Time Zone: Pacific US
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